How To Reheat Greggs Sausage Rolls (3 Best Ways)

You picked up some fresh Greggs Sausage Rolls while you were out, but they cooled before you could eat them.  Maybe you bought a few too many and have sausage rolls left over, or you have bad luck and never arrive at Greggs when their sausage rolls are still hot from the oven. Sounding familiar? … Read more

How To Reheat A Greggs Steak Bake (3 Best Methods)

Reheating steak bakes from Greggs is easy to do, especially if you’ve bought it fresh that day.  Chilling or freezing your steak bake will allow them to last longer, so you can enjoy them later in the week.  A steak bake contains chopped steak in a tasty gravy, making it the perfect hot snack on … Read more

Can You Reheat Fish & Chips From The Chip Shop?

If you have leftover fish and chips from the chip shop, don’t throw them away! You can crisp them back up the next day with just about any cooking appliance.  There are many different ways you can reheat this classic British meal. No matter what you have in your kitchen, you don’t have to waste … Read more