The Pizza Price Tag: Why is UK Pizza So Expensive

three expensive UK pizzas

The steep price of pizza in the UK is primarily attributable to factors like high operating costs, VAT rates, and the quality of ingredients. Understanding these drivers offers a deeper insight into why UK pizza lovers might feel the pinch a little more. Universal Pizza Love A love for pizza is universal, crossing oceans and … Read more

What to Order From Nando’s: A Beginner’s Guide

what to order from nandos

In this article, we will introduce Peri-Peri newbies to Nando’s, with a simple beginner’s guide that details what to order on your first Nando’s visit, from options for the kids to vegan-friendly choices. Nando’s opened its first UK restaurant in 1992 in West London, initially starting life as a takeaway. It was founded in 1987 … Read more

Compliments To The Chef: How To Thank A Chef Properly

compliments to the chef featured

You’ve seen characters in movies say, “send my compliments to the chef”, and you’re thinking do people say this in real life? What does it mean? Do chefs even care that you’ve said it? In this post I’ll lay the best way to thank a chef for an amazing meal. Compliments to the chef meaning Compliments … Read more