Compliments To The Chef: How To Thank A Chef Properly

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You’ve seen characters in movies say, “send my compliments to the chef”, and you’re thinking do people say this in real life? What does it mean? Do chefs even care that you’ve said it? In this post I’ll lay the best way to thank a chef for an amazing meal. Compliments to the chef meaning Compliments … Read more

Why Do Chefs Set Their Pans on Fire? (3 Common Reasons)

Why do Chefs Set Thier Pans on Fire?

A pan on fire in a restaurant can be a shocking sight. So, why do chefs set their pans on fire? Are they crazy? Won’t it burn the food or pose a fire danger? Believe it or not, chefs set their pan on fire purposely. Below, we’ll cover why this dramatic practice is necessary.  Why … Read more

Why Do Chefs Wear Aprons? (4 Reasons)

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You may have seen Gordon Ramsay wearing an apron over his chef whites and wondered if he needs it. Chefs wear aprons to protect themselves from hot liquids, flames, and stains. Sometimes, chefs wear aprons with large pockets to store the essential tools they require to cook meals or appetisers. Why Do Cooks Wear an … Read more

Why Are Chefs So Angry? (And 7 Other Stereotypes)

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What do you think of when you hear the word “chef“? Is it an angry person who yells at their staff or a kind cook that feeds people with love?  Is it a mysterious person in a white hat who prides over their food to the point of selfishness? Or is it just a regular … Read more